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Individualized Solutions for Better Performance

Coaches help individuals gain self-awareness, clarify goals, set a plan to achieve objectives, while providing a sounding board.  Through the coaching relationship, we will ask questions to help people clarify and solve their own problems.  

We also administer behavioral assessments about social and emotional intelligence.  These evaluations can be done from the individual perspective, the role of the individual in the organization or be a 360 degree review of the individual from the perspective of peers, colleagues and supervisors. 

Research has proven that individuals with higher levels of social and emotional intelligence

  • are healthier, happier and more productive
  • have deeper connections and more positive relationships with others
  • are better able to adapt to change
  • manage dysfunctional and debilitating conflict more effectively
  • are more intentional as they go through life
  • manage stress more effectively
  • are more resilient, optimistic and collaborative
  • demonstrate greater creativity and innovation
  • have far greater empathy, and enhanced interpersonal and communication skills
  • make better leaders
  • have the ability to build bonds and build trust with others more readily

The duration of the coaching relationship can be set based upon the needs of the individual and organization.  Conversations between the coach and the individual remain confidential.  Status reports can be given to an organization, but the detail of the work remains between the coach and the individual.  Coaching can be performed in person or virtually to help accommodate schedules.  

CEO David Tripp, Dr. Marie Hansen, and Consultants Scott Quintero, Kristin Tripp, and Mark Holmquist are certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaches through the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence.