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Behavioral-Based Performance Development

WPI provides smart solutions to help leaders develop their overall organization, making them more competitive. Through our behavioral-based performance development systems, we provide guidance to create solid teams comprised of better engaged and motivated employees.

Our Systems

Creating teams working toward organizational goals

Tired of checking the boxes on employee evaluations that are not geared toward your mission? Our systems focus on two components, directing and measuring human behavior toward goals and professional development of employees. Additionally, we focus on the critical need of understanding "Environmental Stamping" and how this theory affects the most valuable asset, the human resources.

It’s no secret that humans are goal-oriented, and by developing expectations that are behavioral based, appropriately challenging and include employee input, continuous improvement will be the result. With proper management of these systems, companies will experience an increase in employee motivation, satisfaction and performance, which can lead to an increase in the bottom line.

Our performance development systems are fully customizable to fit your needs and minimize subjectivity that can often cause perceptions of inequity or conflict.